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Erick Rhodes Photography - Four Seasons Hualalai.jpeg

There is never enough time to do the still life portion of a wedding event’s photography an justice…but I still love making these kinds of images anyway. Shot this and a few others recently at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai on Hawaii Island. The light is always so beautiful in the resort’s bungalows and this afternoon was no different. Shot with a Nikon D3, Nikor 105 f2.8 Macro wide open using available light. Many thanks to Alohilani Weddings.

Eric Rhodes
Erick Rhodes Photography - The Modern Pool.jpeg

Arrived early to Phung and Kevin’s event and was welcomed with this beautiful reflection of the Ilikai Hotel at the Modern Honolulu’s upper pool. It was the perfect way to chill and reflect on a great week. Shot with a Nikon D4, Nikon 14m f2.8 using available light.

Eric Rhodes
Erick Rhodes Photography - Hawaii State Art Museum.jpeg

Styled shoot for Hawaii Fashion Week - “Fashion as Art” at the Hawaii State Art Museum. I didn't like the original back drop which was selected for the model and this particular dress (with the funky fishnet accents), so I took a walk around the property and discovered this wall of etched concrete that had a native look to it. The results worked out great. Shot with a Nikon D3, Nikor 16~35 f2.8 musing available light and ProFoto reflectors.

Eric Rhodes
Erick Rhodes Photography - The Modern.jpeg

Mellow Yellow Details at The Modern Honolulu. Shot this for a National Bridal Magazine editorial / styled shoot. Used a Nikon D4, Nikor 105 f2.8 Macro pretty much wide open. I used large scrims to soften the light (which was pretty harsh) coming in from the venue’s large bay windows. Super fun working with the staff at The Modern. :)

Eric Rhodes
The Modern
Erick Rhodes Photography - The Modern.jpeg

Fireworks and festivities @modernhonolulu. I love night photography. I think I shot this with a Nikon D3 with a Nikon 16~35 f2.8 using a manual setting that I can’t remember at the moment. The fireworks go off every Friday on the beach outside on the south side of the hotel. Super fun…

Eric Rhodes
Current Inspo 1.jpg

Sunday evening inspo. Wish I knew the designer who create this poster. Excited for the new week.

Eric Rhodes
Erick Rhodes Photography - Heather.jpeg

Heather at a cool Balinese style beach front home at Kawela Bay on the North Shore of Oahu. Shot with a Nikon D4 with a Nikon 85 f1.4. Used just available light and a ProFoto reflector to add a little catch light on the lower part of Heather’s eyes. So beautiful…

Eric Rhodes
Erick Rhodes Photography - Current Mood.jpg

Current mood. Yesterday was amazing. Started the morning with a 3 mile prone paddleboard run (mahalo @hyprianfoo for letting me borrow your Dennis Pang stock board). Got to paddle with about 40~50 juvenile spinner dolphins up-close-and-personal for about 45 minutes during my run - incredible. Ended the day with my clients at Kukio to watch a green-flash sunset followed by cocktails at the Four Seasons Hualalai. Perfection.  @fshualalai

Eric Rhodes
Vanilla Sky
Erick Rhodes Photography Waikiki Wedding Photo.jpg

Fun impromptu “Vanilla Sky” shot for my Client on busy Kalakaua Avenue. Super easy to set up if your shooting in Waikiki at the Hyatt. 

Eric Rhodes
Erick Rhodes Photography - Flowers.jpg

Thursday color-pop. Shot this image up at Sunset Ranch on the North Shore - Oahu Hawaii. Used a Nikon D4, Nikor 85 f1.4 wide open using available light. Can go wrong with colors and arrangements as beautiful as these.

Eric Rhodes
Erick Rhodes Photograhy - Alyssa.jpg

So...about last night ~ Alyssa cuts a rug at the Pink House.

Fun notes for my fellow photo dorks :) ~ Shot with a Nikon D3 w/a Nikor 14m f2.8, wide open. I can't remember the ISO but it was prob not that high to reduce noise. I shot this while literally dancing with Alyssa using a shutter priority setting at 8/second and a rear curtain sync on my flash with the light output pumped down a 3rd of a stop. The key was to meter on Alyssa smiling face in shutter bursts of 3 while timing the shutter release to the moving yellow strobe/disco lights so they were illuminating her dress while also giving me some fill light on the right side of her face. Instant Classic - love you Alyssa!

Eric Rhodes
Erick Rhodes Photography - Dillingham Ranch 1.jpg
Erick Rhodes Photography - Dillingham Ranch 2.jpg
Erick Rhodes Photography - Dillingham Ranch 3.jpg

Wendy & Ned’s guests signed a custom longboard and received surf wax as gifts at their Dillingham Ranch wedding - super fun. Shot with a Nikon D4, Nikor 16~35 f2.8 wide open using available light. Thank you Robyn at Pineapple Bakery and China at REA Event Designs for the invite.

Eric Rhodes
Erick Rhodes Photography - Bride & Bridesmaids.jpg

Pre-ceremony portrait of Erin and her boss-babes. Shot with a Leica M7, Leica f1.0 Noctilux and Ilford Delta 400 pushed a 3rd of a stop. Lots love for Leica.

Eric Rhodes
Erick Rhodes Photography - Moani.jpg

Beautiful Moani on a windy day - Kaiwi Coast. It was super windy on the day of the shoot. I had ordered the longest veil that we could get and let it blow at random to take advance of the wind. Shot this with a Nikon D3, Nikor 70-200 f2.8 on program mode. Nothing fancy - just a lot of fun.

Eric Rhodes
Erick Rhodes Photography - Rum Fire.jpg

That time we transformed RumFire in Waikiki. Nikon D3, Nikor 16~35 f2.8, shot wide open and hand held.

Eric Rhodes
Sabrina Garrasi Watercolor.jpg

Inspired this morning by the watercolors of Italian artist Sabrina Garrasi. Pictured here: “The Origin” - watercolor on canvas with 22k gold and silver leaf accents. 31” x 23”. So beautiful

Eric Rhodes
Erick Rhodes Photography - Kikaua Point.jpg

West side colors yesterday at Kikaua Point on Hawaii Island ~ sublime. Shot with my iPhone XS Max with a little additional color grading using my phone’s on-board photo app from Apple. #shotoniphone

Eric Rhodes
2019 MUSE Bride Lookook Cover.png

Excited with the way everything is coming together.

Eric Rhodes
Erick Rhodes Photography - Ratiba.jpg

So - “about last night” … We love our new friends from France 🇫🇷 Nikon D3, Nikor 85 f1.4, available light.

Eric Rhodes
Erick Rhodes Photography - Kohanaiki.jpg

Kohanaiki sunsets : magical. Twin sisters enjoying the sunset and surf. Nikon D3, Nikor 85 f1.4, shot wide open using only available light.

Eric Rhodes